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Ordering a Portrait:

1. Select or take a photo of your dog.  Think about the pose and location carefully.  A great photo does not necessarily make a great painting, so you should find several that you like.  Good lighting is critical.  Natural sunlight is best.  Do you want a playful or regal pose?   The pose and photo we select will help determine the portrait size and shape.


2. Decide on a general size, no smaller than 12"x12". 

Portrait pricing:

12"x12"   $500       12"x16"   $575

16"x16"   $650       16"x20"   $725

20"x20"   $800

24"x24"   $950

30"x30"   $1100

Alternate sizes available; framing is not included.   

3.  Contact me using the form on this website.  Portraits typically take 6-12 weeks after pose/photo selection.  50% deposit required to begin portrait.  

Client references available upon request

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